Garden preserved during the replacement of an old septic system

Garden preserved during the replacement of an old septic system

The Structure and environmental context: 

This job has turned out to be a real success story. Prior to the BIOROCK solution, our client had an old septic tank (located pretty much under where the couch and chairs are shown in the photos now) that was in such a poor state that the smell and ground saturation meant she could not even use her property.

The costs of regular visits from the septic tank pump out agent were also mounting up so by the time we were called she was pretty unhappy.

The challenge

Tina is a keen gardener and very proud of her gardens, so it was very important to her to save as many plants and trees as possible, other companies that she had taken advice from pretty much said that everything would have to go just to get the excavator and trucks in.

As you can see this was not the case with BIOROCK!

The solution 

We completed the entire project with a 1.5 tonnes digger and some hard work on the shovel. Our offer included the initial design, all compliance paperwork, complete installation, producer/quality assurance statement, and final drawings describing where everything is and as you can see the result is fantastic.

We completed this project just prior to Christmas and I recently visited to double-check the installation. The photos speak for themselves and Tina is very happy with the outcome, she now has a really cool entertainment area where once was a smelly septic tank. Her family and friends were able to join her for Christmas. No more ongoing septic pump-out costs and I think most of all her worries have disappeared and she can enjoy her garden.
From an installer's perspective, it is an absolute pleasure to re-visit clients whose expectations have been met and even exceeded.