The company

Founded in 1988, BIOROCK is a company known for its expertise in the treatment of domestic wastewater. It has a global vision for the business - from the development of its products internally to the expansion of its international sales network.

Over the past 25 years, BIOROCK has implemented successful projects worldwide.

The range of certified wastewater treatment solutions can be used not only to treat wastewater from an individual dwelling, but also for groups of houses, restaurants, hotels, campsites, institutions (schools, halls, etc.),commercial offices and apartment blocks.

Our team

The BIOROCK team of experts consists of professionals passionate about their work and the environmental challenges of protecting water.

Continuing research and product development ensures that the latest treatment concepts and most enduring construction materials are available to all BIOROCK customers.

BIOROCK's Research and Development Department is equipped with the best and most up to date design software programs and is able to design the best tanks, mastering the variables of material strengths, resistance to ground and water pressures, geometry, and wall thicknesses.