Septic tank replacement: It just made sense to choose BIOROCK!

Septic tank replacement: It just made sense to choose BIOROCK!

The structure and environmental context: 

The septic tank at this site has been a problem for years. Our client has put up with untreated sewage coming to the surface during winter when ground water enters the old septic tank and when expecting guests she has had to have costly pump outs prior to their arrival so at least they could sit outside to enjoy her gardens. Tina was pretty disparate by the time she contacted us and simply requested that we fix it!

The challenge

Our challenges on this site were high winter ground water, very limited access and established gardens that we had no wish to damage so we decided to convert the existing septic tank to a sewage pump station then pump in very small increments to the partially buried primary tank and BIOROCK. From there, the treated effluent is the recycled discreetly around the gardens to provide some ‘value back’.

The solution

We transported the BIOROCK sewage system on a trailer behind my Ute and completed the entire project with a 1.5 ton excavator and shovels and rakes while the home owner took a well-deserved Holiday.

UPDATE 12/2018:

The excellent effluent result confirms that the system is meeting expectation.

Overall the system has been operating trouble free for three years now; The BIOROCK system has improved the property and both the homeowner and the neighbour are happy!