ECOROCK Small Wastewater Treatment Plant installed at Mahia Peninsular New Zealand

Mahia Peninsular is located on the Northern Hawke’s Bay Coastline , it is a beautiful part of Hawke’s Bay with holiday homes located along both sides of the Peninsular. Carrier and power supply costs to this remote part area are very high so our client chose BIOROCK for its ease of transport and very low ongoing power requirement.

The effluent management system selected to serve the four bedroom home is an ECOROCK2000 preceded by a 4000L filtered primary tank . The treated effluent is pumped to specifically designed Low Pressure Effluent Dosing beds located along the property boundaries .

By choosing an ECOROCK system the client will save a $200.00 per year service fee because the ECOROCK only requires one maintenance visit per annum, around $ 250.00 - $350.00 per year in operational cost because 24/7 power is not required and future parts replacement and labour costs because there is no compressor or air pump that will inevitably wear out.

It just made sense (or in this instance .. dollars) to choose BIOROCK.

Project images