MONOBLOCK, the best solution for a holiday home in Orua Bay, New Zealand

MONOBLOCK, the best solution for a holiday home in Orua Bay, New Zealand

The Structure and Environmental Context:

The company Water Projects was approached by a client who needed a complete wastewater treatment system for his holiday home located in Orua Bay, Manukau Heads, New Zealand.

The Challenge:

One of the major issues was that the project site was situated at the top of a cliff, which meant that any treatment system would have to be compact and take up minimal space. Additionally, the client required a solution that could handle load variations and not require much maintenance while performing at peak efficiency.

The Solution:

After researching various options, Water Projects decided that the MONOBLOCK treatment system would be the best solution for their client's needs.

The MONOBLOCK-3 is a compact, all-in-one system that can be installed both above and below ground. It can be designed to fit specific requirements and handle a wide range of wastewater loads. The MONOBLOCK's biofiltration process is particularly effective for treating wastewater without any energy input, which makes it an even more desirable option for the holiday home.

The results:

The MONOBLOCK installation proved to be a resounding success, meeting and exceeding the client's expectations. With its compact design, it fits perfectly on the cliff-top installation site, saving space and making installation a breeze. The system can perfectly handle load variations without requiring much maintenance, something that was critical given the client's travel schedule. Water Projects organized and delivered the system quickly, ensuring the project progressed smoothly. Ultimately, the client and homeowner were extremely happy with the installation.

BIOROCK's MONOBLOCK treatment system proved to be the ideal solution for Water Projects' clients, providing the perfect blend of reliability, efficiency, and ease of installation. The MONOBLOCK proved to be an excellent fit for the unique requirements of the holiday home installation project. Ultimately, the successful completion of the project strengthened BIOROCK's reputation as a top-quality wastewater treatment provider, while allowing the client to rest easy knowing that their wastewater treatment needs were in excellent hands.

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Pictures were taken on the construction site: