BIOROCK Onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant installed at Iconic Tourist destination in North NZ

Te Mata Peak is an Iconic Tourist destination in Havelock North New Zealand. It has numerous hiking trails and is rapidly becoming one of NZs premier mountain biking destinations and each year thousands of overseas visitors arriving in HB on cruise ships visit the Peak to enjoy the Panoramic views.

The Peak has become so popular with locals and tourists that it now requires a public toilet block and associated amenities.

The local council called for Design/ Build tenders for an effluent management system to service up to 300 visitors per day. The EMS Ltd offer to install an ECOROCK 5000 Wastewater Treatment Plant preceded by a 10,000L filtered primary septic tank to treat the effluent prior to being pumped to a specifically designed Low Pressure Effluent Dosed (LPED) effluent application area was accepted.

Project images