Another successful BIOROCK Residential Wastewater Treatment installation in Queenstown NZ

Another successful BIOROCK installation in Queenstown NZ.

The existing aerated septic system serving this relatively new home is unfortunately located directly adjacent to the outdoor entertainment area. As a consequence the clients were very unhappy with the visual impact and also the smells coming from the system were making their outdoor living and entertainment very unpleasant.

Our BIOROCK NZ Queenstown installer Damon suggested that the system could be improved with BIOROCK so after some consultation and flow design it was decided to alter the existing aerated system to enable it to pump filtered effluent to an ECOROCK 5000 located discreetly at the rear of the property.

Damon has literally taylormade a solution for the client that has now given them their outdoor living area back because there is now no smell emanating from the original system, there is no noise from the 24/7 aeration process, power consumption will be much less and the visual impact of a septic system located in the wrong place has been significantly reduced.

All in all a great outcome thanks to some clever design and a quality installation by Damon and his team.

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