Low quality compact home sewage treatment systems taint the septic systems industry

Low quality compact home sewage treatment systems taint the septic systems industry

Posted on 09 Dec 2014 by Biorock

Cheap and badly designed small wastewater treatment plants and septic systems are tainting the small sewage treatment plant market internationally. A small sewage system is a pre-engineered system which mains differences with the larger STP lies in the higher inflow fluctuations.

These sewage plants and septic systems are mostly supplied to housing developers but also individual development owners such restaurants or hotels, or local municipalities. These organizations are starting to look to small wastewater treatment plants and other septic systems to improve the limited current sewage treatment infrastructure. Small sewage plants also provide a cheaper and more flexible solution to infrastructure needs than engineered, large scale ones.

Despite the existing regulation around the use of septic systems and the a huge demand for small sewage treatment units, there are currently a huge number of badly designed and cheap small sewage treatment plants that are failing on a regular basis and are polluting water tables and rivers. These fails are leading to national water and environment concerns.

The failing small sewage treatment plants are the badly designed options that developers have chosen over the quality systems available because of their price. These sewage plants are most of the time electric septic systems. Indeed, bad quality, failing electric septic systems are cheaper when deciding on a small sewage system. These cheaper-made individual wastewater treatment plants are bound to fail and their bad effluent quality is responsible for a large number of pollution problems.

Better quality small sewage plants such as BIOROCK non-electric wastewater treatment units will always have a lot to offer to the market, replacing the pumped sewage treatment systems and failing blowers and pumps. That non-electrical treatment process quality should be the decider when considering the purchase of a small sewage plant.

A further problem in the small sewage plant market is the lack of skilled care and maintenance of installed septic systems in general, including old septic tanks. It is indeed a challenge to ensure that there are trained septic tank and septic systems maintenance companies operating and committed staff maintaining the sewage plants after installation.

BIOROCK non-electric sewage treatment plant has to this end expanded its services to include a maintenance programme with trained installers around the country for the sewage plants that it installs. This service consists of an annual management service to ensure that the systems can run to its full potential for a complete peace of mind of its customers. BIOROCK is one of the small sewage plant manufacturers adding this service to their offerings.

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