10 reasons to buy a BIOROCK unit

BIOROCK works with nature, doesn't fight it ... so you save

  1. Fool-proof
    Very reliable purification process. There is a large built-in safety factor.
  2. No electricity
    The BIOROCK "ecosystem" treats the waste water: no costly large mechanical aerators to run, fix and replace
  3. Minimum maintenance & sludge production
    Most wastewater treatment plants and Aerated Systems require 2-4 services per year, BIOROCK only needs one. Unlike aerated and septic systems there are no routine pump outs and a 6 months sludge removal
  4. Huge savings
    Huge savings on your maintenance costs and annual energy bill.
  5. Silent
    no buzzing aerators that can run up to 24 hours every day; you can enjoy your garden and sleep peacefully
  6. Odourless
    The natural passive aeration process means no foul smells
  7. Safe and water wise irrigation
    No risk of pathogen exposure; no water wasted
  8. Sustainability
    The BIOROCK solution has a very low carbon footprint
  9. Chemical-free treatment process
    No potentially hazardous chemicals disposed into your garden
  10. The most compact sewage system
    Less to transport; less digging and disruption to your garden